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You probably want to see our pictures of the World Trade Center and related stuff
(although we ourselves didn't link this location anywhere, but as rumours spread...).

Well, here you are. We finally stored our complete set of 188 picture files in one ZIP file. We did that for two reasons:

  1. It's easier for you to download all the files
  2. We don't want you to link the single pictures on other websites to be loaded directly from our server.

You can download the ZIP archive here (11 MB).

Contact information

For more detailed information about the pictures, ask the maintainer of the collection: jester@netgen.de

We once had an additional bunch of mpeg and avi videos concerning the WTC, but we discarded most of them due to traffic limitations of the server. If you still have a special interest in those videos, you may also ask jester.

About this server

This is, in general, kiff.netgen.de, the primary server of the NetGen computer club in northern germany. It is not only, but most likely, a webserver. It is located in Hamburg and is running under Debian Linux.

Our most public society interest is to arrange great computer gaming parties (LAN parties). If you are interested in those activities, visit www.fragshow.de, which is the website of our biggest LAN party series, the "FragShow", and which is also hosted on this server.

For more information about this server, ask our webmaster.

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